DocsApp’s #BaatTohKaro Initiative Gives A Voice To Everyone Dealing With Health Issues In Solitude

DocsApp India’s latest campaign is a much needed initiative in today’s world. There are numerous health related issues that we go through without talking to anyone about it. The reasons are plenty, many find it embarrassing, while many others don’t find the right person to talk about it. With their hard-hitting #BaatTohKaro campaign, DocsApp is encouraging Indians to talk about their health issues, instead of sweeping them under the rug.

The brand provides a platform where patients can consult with specialist doctors online on subjects ranging from psychology, gynaecology to sexology. Many people find it difficult to address these problems face to face, and are instead comfortable consulting someone via chat or call. This is exactly what DocsApp provides – an environment where patients can freely talk about their problems, to the right person and get the right solution.

#BaatTohKaro uses a series of videos to communicate their message.

In this video, we see Ravish Desai dealing with issues like premature ejaculation alone without anyone to support him or give him advice on how to deal with it. 

In another video we see Anupriya Goenka depicting someone who has lost the will to live. Speaking to someone, be it a friend, family or a stranger can go a long way for the patient in this situation.

Here we see Aisha Ahmed depicting the range of emotions that a woman goes through when she is planning a pregnancy or perhaps trying to avoid it. In such a situation it is imperative to seek the right advice from a doctor. 

We ignore many health related issues, because of its taboo nature and we keep suffering in silence. The campaign  by DocsApp lends us all a voice and urges us to speak about it openly in a forum which gives us the comfort to talk about it.

There’s a lot still left to be desired when it comes to sexual and mental health in our country, but this initiative is a great stepping stone, which gives everyone a sense of community when it comes to sharing the problems they are facing. After all the first step to solving any issue is accepting it and talking about it!