Dell’s Back To College Campaign Inspires Students To Discover Their Passion

For the longest time, learning and academic performance went hand in hand. But times have changed, and so has the learning process. 

In this era of new-age learning, everyone and everything is online, making it imperative to equip students with the relevant tools to flourish. Dell is doing exactly that, enabling them to discover their passions.

Learning is not just about scoring the highest marks anymore, it’s about what drives you as an individual and how you can convert that passion into a profession. With the right tools, of course. 

Dell’s new ‘Back to College’ depicts how students are now making successful careers out of unexplored avenues instead of following the usual doctor-engineer beat. 

“Yeh Hai Padhai 2.0” creatively highlights the fact that back to college doesn’t just mean back to academic studying. Instead, the video shows how students are developing their unique skill-sets into professions – whether it be cooking, gymnastics or design. 

The crux of the campaign

While students discover new passions, Dell PCs aims to be their constant companion and has successfully positioned itself as an imperative tool for creative learners. 

To address the ever-changing needs of the education industry, the PC is packed with exciting features like a stunning 16:10 FHD+ Display, the latest 12th Gen Intel processors, WavesMaxx Audio Pro and a versatile 360° Multimode Hinge.

That’s not all. Since it is a student-focused campaign, they have also released a series of offers ranging from instant cashbacks to net-banking discounts to no cost EMIs and freebies to make it a little easier for students to invest in their own skill development. You can find more details here.