Dabur Herb’l Created An Unconventional Campaign Based On A Quirky Insight

Sometimes, unconventional decisions lead to unexpected but effective outcomes. The latest campaign by Dabur Herb’l is a testament to this offbeat insight. 

The brand film addresses the norms in our everyday life, and urges us to challenge them with a simple ‘who says you can’t’ mindset…

Who says you can’t use a black toothpaste to get sparkling white teeth? 

Choose black for white 

The film took up interesting slice-of-life moments from work and life, and invoked a sense of curiosity around it, all leading up a reveal of the all-new Dabur Herb’l Charcoal Toothpaste. The quirky storyline found a clever way to showcase the ‘black toothpaste’ land its many benefits and features. 

The narrative placed special emphasis on ingredients such as activated charcoal and mint oil to highlight why the formulation can make all the difference: it aids in removing plaque, bad breath, and stains effectively. 

It was a distinctive approach to deliver the brand’s message, but impactful nonetheless! 

This campaign checks boxes

The brand film was a refreshing break away from the usual pattern of storylines in this category, and kept viewers intrigued and engaged right till the very end. 

Simple, straightforward yet unique – Dabur Herb’l conceptualised an interesting thought and brought it to life in a relevant, impressive, and truly effortless way!