Colors TV Gets People Searching For Their ‘SoleMates’

All we need is love, right? Well okay, we do need a whole bunch of other things in life, but there’s no denying the all-powerful impact that a soulmate can have on our lives. No wonder it makes for great television! Colors TV is launching a new show called Shubharambh, which brings together two protagonists who are just the perfect match for one another. Raja & Rani are opposites, but the perfect match. One thinks from the heart and one from the brain, but there’s no denying that they make the perfect soulmates who make each other stronger.

Shubharambh is based on this entire premise of #EkAurEkGyarah – when two imperfect people come together, they bring out the best in each other and make for something bigger than themselves. This whole concept of a soulmate strengthening you and making your life happier is also the underlying theme for their campaign. In this race of life, all we’re ultimately looking for is our ‘sole-mate’. And you’re gonna love the very literal take on executing this concept!

The show sent out hampers to influencers with only one shoe from a pair, along with a bunch of other show inspired merchandise. The influencers then went on a digital hunt for their sole-mates! Check out how people were looking for their right pair!

This literal search for their sole-mates is a really clever way to warm the audience up to the theme of soulmates, which is the whole premise of the show Shubharambh. A fun campaign to what promises to be a fun show – so if you haven’t found your soulmate, get looking! #EkAurEkGyarah

Don’t forget to watch #Shubharambh, Mon – Fri 9 PM only on Colors TV.