Colgate Tells Us There’s More Than One Way To Be Beautiful

Being comfortable in your own skin.
Defying conventional beauty standards.
Breaking free of all your insecurities.

Colgate is advocating all that and more through their #SmileOutLoud campaign. Through a delightful series of real stories, the brand hopes to inspire the audience to embrace their uniqueness and show them off confidently.

How? By simply smiling!

The expectations and norms imposed on young and impressionable minds makes them feel self-conscious from a young age – whether it’s about the way they look, talk, and even think. The campaign encourages everyone to not let conventional beauty standards define them and instead urges them to Smile Out Loud in the face of societal judgement.

To bring this thought to life, Colgate partnered with popular social media influencers who too have faced the pressure of fitting in from a very young age. The women talk about their respective journeys which has led to them developing the confidence to accept & own their uniqueness in the face of society’s conventional definition of beauty.

 ‘When people stare at me, I smile out loud’

‘When people stare at my skin, I smile out loud’ 

‘When people stare at my teeth, I smile out loud’ 

Engaging The Audience

Colgate also got the audience engaged with the campaign, by inviting them to share selfies of their unique selves with a giant smile on their faces.

Gaining Love From Netizens

Users shared their own stories with the brand across social media, ranging from comments on social media…

…to tweets on Twitter

Lo and behold, the campaign started trending on Twitter. In addition to that many popular content platforms picked up the campaign and spoke highly about it as well. With more than 9 million engagements, the campaign made a solid mark.

The personal touch 

The #SmileOutLoud campaign is creative in the way it has struck an emotional chord with the audience. The brand highlighted the problems that exist in society, made it relatable for the viewers by enlisting the right influencers, and provided a solution that enhances the unique beauty of young Indians through their radiant and confident smiles.