This International Women’s Day, Center Fresh Encourages Women To Step Forward Backed By Fresh Breath Confidence

This Women’s Day, Center fresh from the house of Perfetti Van Melle has collaborated with Bollywood star Sanya Malhotra to break the hesitation or inhibition of approaching someone interesting by its digital campaign with an attempt to strengthen its ‘fresh breath confidence’ positioning. 

Staying true to its core proposition, the digital film beautifully captures the occasion of a meet-cute, when being fresh breath ready makes all the difference. This campaign sees the protagonist Sanya, who truly represents the confident, modern, urban woman, narrating her experience of a fun evening with her group of girl-friends. During this party she spots a cute guy and wishes to strike a conversation but pulls back from doing so.  Through the course of the film, she realizes that there is no real reason behind waiting for the guy to come up and speak to her and quickly overcomes this hesitation to break the ice herself. This is enabled by being fresh breath ready post consumption of Center fresh Mints. 

Check out the video below:

It’s a simple meet-cute situation where the fresh breath confidence makes all the difference. The video showcases a very slice of life situation that many of us have experienced and lands the message that one should never hesitate to approach that someone interesting (but of course be fresh breath ready for this occasion).