Cadbury 5Star Has Opened A Bizarre Bank Where You Get Rewarded For Doing Absolutely Nothing

While young, enthusiastic investors have been putting their hard-earned money in Bitcoin and altcoins, spending a good amount of time and energy tracking the volatile crypto market, Cadbury 5Star has introduced a new way of investing which requires no money or effort in an out-of-the-box campaign that has us contemplating life. The chocolate brand from Mondelez has introduced its first ever digital currency called ‘NothingCoin’, which can be earned by literally doing nothing.

You might be familiar with the ‘Eat 5Star. Do Nothing.’ ads that show how there can be upsides to not doing a thing in certain situations. In line with this very philosophy, the quirky brand has taken things up a notch with the NothingCoin Bank – a physical space in the real world where people can sit, chill, and eat a 5Star while minting NothingCoins.


How does it work? All one has to do is log into their digital wallet on a mobile microsite, kick their feet up and not do a thing. The microsite detects the user’s inactivity and ‘mines’ NothingCoin for as long as the user sits still and doesn’t use their phone. For every minute that nothing is done, fresh NothingCoins get added to the wallet. People can then use their NothingCoin to make purchases at the digital 5Star mall, websites such as JioMart, or even trade them in for vouchers.

Pretty sweet, right?

The NothingCoin Bank is located at Nariman Point in Mumbai, and is filled with couches, beanbags and charging points so that users can mine for hours in air-conditioned comfort.  Like any other bank, the bank also has a teller, a deposit counter, a loan counter, an ATM, but all with a twist. While the teller doesn’t really tell you anything, nor does the ATM give out money, instead of loaning money, customers can borrow cushions from the loan counter to make their mining last longer.

Why the campaign works:


While most brands encourage the youth to go out and do things, 5Star takes a different route, urging youngsters to do the opposite through the campaign. This makes 5Star stand out from the crowd of brands that target Gen Z and young Millennials.


The brand has cashed in on a popular concept i.e. investing in crypto, that is currently trending among the youth.


Not only did 5Star make a cool new financial product, but the brand also gave consumers a way to experience the campaign in a tangible way. So the next time one finds themselves in a bank, there’s a good chance they’ll remember 5Star’s whacky campaign.