Blink Digital Ties Up With WeWork To Offer The Coolest Work Set-Up For Its Employees

A little over a year ago, concepts such as working from home and remote working came to the mainstream. Since people couldn’t meet in person, video calls became an ingenious way to hold meetings virtually, but soon, screen overload began to kick in and Zoom fatigue became a thing. 

As the world begins to make its way out of lockdown, a new world of work is emerging. Blink Digital, the Mumbai-based digital agency, has partnered with WeWork India to introduce a ‘work from anywhere’ policy that allows employees to choose what suits them best.

This includes working from home, office, or any of WeWork’s 35 locations in six cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon). Not only does this offer flexibility to employees, but also expands the agency’s presence across the country.

While big-tech companies such as Google and Spotify too have embraced this policy, Blink Digital takes it one step further by teaming up with WeWork. 

One of the biggest issues to arise out of working from home was the lack of work-life balance. With the ‘work from anywhere’ policy, people can choose to work from the comfort of their homes on some days, and go to WeWork’s inspiring workspaces on days when they feel like they need a change in atmosphere or want to work around like-minded people. 

The best part? Since it is ‘work from anywhere’, employees even have the freedom to travel and work while on a long staycation.

This freedom of choice will not only make people happier and more comfortable, but will also boost productivity.

So whether you like working from home in the company of your pets, or prefer hanging by the water cooler with your co-workers, or even fancy working from a cabin overlooking the mountains – there’s a way of working for every kind of employee at Blink Digital. We can’t wait to see more companies hop onto this trend!