Billabong High International School Is Paying A Special Tribute To Women With a Thoughtful Gesture

Women carry out a myriad of roles in their day-to-day life. 

They perform each of their responsibilities and fulfil every role with an unparalleled passion and tireless attitude – day after day. 

To honour these inspiring ladies and showcase their nurturing side, Billabong High International School is celebrating Women’s Day with a special digital campaign this year. 

The initiative captures the essence of womanhood with a beautiful rendition of international singer Shaggy’s song titled ‘Strength of a Woman’, sung by the students of the school. 

Promoting equality and inclusivity 

The video is a tribute to all those women who work relentlessly to take every challenge thrown at them head-on and turn it into a success story. 

The six students’ captivating harmonies symbolically vocalize the school’s aim to inspire and empower women across the country with this powerful anthem. 

With over 80% of BHIS’ staff being women, the campaign embodies the institution’s commitment to promoting inclusivity by providing equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities to everyone regardless of gender. 

Strength of a woman 

Educators are in a unique position to inform students about their rights in a professional and personal setting as well. 

With this song, the students of Billabong High International School found a special approach to express their gratitude towards these women educators who lead by example on a daily basis. 

So thoughtful. So memorable. So beautiful!