Are You Ready? Cuz The Media Expo Excellence Awards Are Here!

Advertising is unarguably one of the most crucial parts of culture today. Look around you and you will see a plethora of ads – each one more creative than the other. Gone are the days of basic informative advertising. Advertising now is synonymous with innovation and visual delight.

For instance, have a look at this brilliant OOH campaign placed strategically on a road side cliff in Lebanon with an unspoiled view of the sea and the beautiful skyline. As the hues of the sky and water change in the background during the course of the day, so does the colour of the woman’s hair in the billboard, reflecting the variety of colours that that the hair dye brand offers.

While, the above was a visual delight, the one below is hard hitting, impactful and gets the point across in a jiffy.

Both indoor and outdoor ads are forever re-inventing the rules and breaking traditional barriers in design and communication. And now, there’s an amazing platform which is seeking to recognize and celebrate this creativity in advertising – Media Expo Excellence Awards!

Organised by Messe Frankfurt India, this will be the first edition of Media Expo Excellence Awards and it promises to be a coveted acknowledgement of creative work in the advertising industry. This year there are 10 categories spanning creative categories like innovative use of billboards, digital signage, ambient media, transit media, POP / POS brand displays and so on to vendor categories like printer or innovative POP solutions provider. Basically, if you’re an agency, brand or vendor, you can go ahead and nominate any work or provider for their innovation and creativity, mixed with good business results!

Online nominations close on 15 November – so you need to get cracking!

You can nominate and check more details about the process, awards, jury etc. on this link.

If you’re in the industry, you’re surely aware that Media Expo is one of the most renowned exhibitions since the last two decades, bringing their expos to Mumbai and Delhi every year. It’s a revered platform to showcase the best in indoor and outdoor advertising industry, everything from technology solutions, printers, POP displays, branded merchandising and what not under one roof. Not a surprise then that the Media Expo Excellence Awards have been creating quite a buzz.

We will leave you with some more OOH campaigns that we found truly excellent, for some creative inspiration for you.

Here’s Jeep establishing how truly all-terrain it really is.

..and here’s Air Asia with their iconic one-liner.

What are you waiting for – go nominate and hopefully celebrate real soon! 😀

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