Amazon Is Taking Unboxing To The Metaverse

Unboxing of phones is like an industry ritual for new launches, but of late it has become rather predictable and mundane. For the launch of the new OnePlus 10 Pro, Amazon India gave unboxing a fresh new twist and how!

The Metaverse has been making waves this year and brands are finding innovative ways to give users an experience of the virtual world. Amazon leveraged the platform in a never-seen-before format, not only giving users a fascinating virtual experience, but also unboxing the OnePlus 10 Pro in an engaging manner.

A smartphone with beyond belief features, needs an unboxing beyond the realms of the physical world. Amazon brought the two worlds together piquing everyone’s interest and excitement.

The unboxing took place in Decentraland, a virtual reality platform, which enabled Amazon to highlight the various notable features of the new smartphone, such as the 2nd-generation Hasselblad camera, 80W SuperVOOC charging, LTPO 2, and more.

Users in the virtual world not only watched, but also participated in the unboxing with their own personal avatars. Every single user was able to experience the phone in a 360-degree setting, and become part of the unboxing.

Unboxing was once a spectator sport, but because of the Metaverse and other high-tech advancements, users can now actively participate in it. The campaign truly combined both the physical and virtual worlds through an immersive experience. 

Metaverse is garnering a lot of interest, and soon everyone will gravitate towards it. Brands are experimenting with the platform while it is still evolving, and Amazon hit all the right notes with their out-of-the-box unboxing.