Amazon Is Back With Their Sought After Prime Day Again on 15th and 16th July

It’s that time of the year again, when Amazon introduces Prime Day, an annual celebration of shopping, entertainment and so much more, exclusively for Prime members. Each year it is bigger than the year before, and yet Amazon has surprised us this year again, merely in the build up to the day.

If their innovations and activations this year are anything to go by, this year might just be the most sought after Prime Day ever. Can’t. Keep. Calm.

To create buzz and hype about the event, Amazon has set up virtual reality booths across cities, where the customers can for the first time touch, feel and interact with the world of Prime. These are experiential zones, which are physical manifestations of the Prime World, and aims to amaze the customers as they experience this unique activation. These VR booths are set up across key airports, malls and tech-parks. At these centres, users will also be given a sneak-peak into all the great deals, new launches and entertainment that is in store for them at the big event.

What’s even more interesting is that Amazon placed these installations without any branding initially to create intrigue and excitement amongst customers. Only later they revealed what it was all about and eventually also announcing the dates for Prime Day.

This year, the stakes are getting bigger with Amazon extending the sale from the usual 36 hours to 48 hours, giving prime members more time to shop. There are more than 1000 new launches planned across the store and by Prime Video and Prime Music, giving users an unexplored library to entertain themselves with. Prime Day promises to be a two day parade of non-stop launches, best deals, savings and entertainment, exclusively for Prime members.

The build up to the event wasn’t just restricted to the excited world of virtual reality. If you are lucky, you might just walk into life-see mascots for Prime Day at a mall nearby. These exuberant mascots will greet you, and also give you information about the event. These activations have been part of Amazon’s endeavour to make the it an interactive experience for the users, instead of the usual sales restricted to the online platform. Oh wait, did we say sale? It’s really so much more than it. It is a celebration!

If you aren’t a Prime member yet, now is the right time to go ahead and sign up for it. Priced at only Rs. 129 per month, it is perhaps the best value of money you could get. With the exclusivity of the sale, the massive number of new launches and the never ending deals and offers, you will have reaped the benefit in just these two days of the event itself.

So prepare yourselves for 15th and 16th July, it’s going to be PRIME!