Amazon Delivers The Love Yet Again With This Endearing Father’s Day Campaign

For many of us, our fathers are our Super Heroes. They have always had our back. They were right there, when we were feeling like flying in the air. They were always our saviours when we were scared of getting scolded by mom. Whenever we got hurt, he was right there to heal it for us. They have been right behind us, every step of our way into this world. Our fathers have had a pivotal role to play in how we have grown as human beings, and what our values and principles are. Raising a child isn’t easy, and it for sure didn’t just happen magically. They probably went through sleepless nights, a lot more sleepless nights, and let’s add a few more sleepless nights to it. It is this emotion that Amazon has picked up and shaped into a wonderful campaign this Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, Amazon urges you to #DeliverTheLove, by appreciating how your father has been a pillar of support for you, since forever. From making funny faces to entertain us, to allowing us to put make up on him. From teaching us how to ride a bicycle, to holding us during our first swim, everything that he has done for us, he has done it with a whole lot of love! Amazon’s Father’s Day campaign video captures these moments and much more in a simple yet beautiful way. Check out the video below:

This video creates an emotional connect with the audience and urges to do something special for them. Let’s #DeliverTheLove and bring a smile on his grumpy face!