Airbnb’s Latest Campaign Is A Delightful Nudge Towards Travelling On Your Terms

Let’s get one thing straight, Airbnb has indeed changed the way we travel. The brand has been a strong advocate of the concept of a deeper travel experience, and has since long made this their unique selling point. The brand  encourages travellers (see how we didn’t use the word ‘tourists’) to not conform to the usual touristy activities and destinations that people have been doing for ages, but instead immerse themselves in the culture of the place and have a relaxed vacation, suited to their personal needs.

Airbnb caters to the specific needs of each traveller, and inspires them to stay true to themselves, no matter what the status quo may dictate. Remember, while you are taking those selfies and checking off the ‘must-see’ lists, you are actually missing out on the actual experiences that each destination offers. Airbnb is encouraging travellers to explore this side of their’s and indulge in truly authentic travel experiences basis their personal travel needs.

Through this campaign which has been viewed more than 10 million times, Airbnb is celebrating the stories of real travellers who both live life and travel on their own terms without feeling the need to conform to popular beliefs. These are beautifully told stories, and you will fall in love with them the moment you see them.

Here’s introducing, the ‘Govandes’ – The Unschooling Family. A family which encourages their kids to question the status quo, and to be curious about things around them. A family which believes that travel can too be a teacher, and there are skills to be learnt through real life experiences which an academic curriculum might not teach us.

The second story is about Malvika and Karuna, an entrepreneur couple from Bengaluru whose motivation for travel is something that all couples can relate to, which is just taking a break, unwinding and spending quality time together.

Through these stories of non-conformist and independent travellers, Airbnb encourages their audience to carve a highly personalised a unique travel experience for themselves as well.

The campaign has been loved by users on social media as well, with comments pouring in for the lovely videos.