These Billboards Light Up The Streets Of Paris So People Feel Safer Walking Home At Night

Walking home alone at night can be a daunting experience, especially for women. Many individuals choose not to venture out after dark as they are concerned for their safety. 

While removal of curfews and restrictions are surely worth celebrating, it also opens the door to an age-old problem familiar to women and gender minorities around the world: the lack of safety in public spaces at night. 

Streets in busy areas are usually well lit, but the same cannot be said about quieter streets in the suburbs that are away from the bustle of the main city. 

So HandsAway, a non-profit organisation that fights violence against women, partnered with ad agency TBWA\Paris to make the streets of Paris feel a lot safer. 

This was achieved by simply increasing the brightness of the existing digital billboards in poorly lit neighbourhoods.

From 9 PM to 7 AM, digital billboards in the west of Paris get 20 percent brighter, illuminating streets and giving people a sense of safety. 


With the campaign, HandsAway hopes to reignite debate on the necessity for every human being to enjoy their freedom in the street, whatever the time or place.