Sprite Activates The Coolest Shoppable OOH For The Hottest Match

There is probably nothing that gets more heated than an India vs Pakistan cricket match during a World Cup. Emotions run high, and the vibe is truly heated.

Sprite used the momentous Ind-Pak match to do something truly creative – and fuse the heated cricket fever with some of their coolness. Quite literally!

The brand launched a unique OOH activation in Ahmedabad, where the match was being played. Have a look!

As the match got heated and decibels rose, the billboard showed a rise in temperature. So the weather app could show 31 degrees in Ahmedabad, but the Sprite billboard would read the intensity inside the stadium and show say 56 degrees.

Genius, right?

That’s not all, when the audience scanned the QR code on billboard, a virtual Sprite can emerged to cool things down! It then re-directed you to the Swiggy app, where you could order a Sprite.

Influencer Tie-ups

Sprite also collaborated with various popular creators and influencers to bring their #ThandRakh proposition to life.

World Cup hai, garmi badhegi, Thand Rakh!

This was a truly innovative idea to literally embody the brand’s proposition of ‘Thand Rakh’. The campaign made creative use of the moment, of the outdoor space, and of technology! The result? A first-of-its kind activation that got people talking.

Sprite has always stood for a refreshing experience, and through this campaign as well they did exactly that – by providing the audience something new.

A smart campaign that stands out for its coolness and freshness during this heated World Cup season!