Shahid And Mira Kapoor Almost Live Their Dreams In A Playful Campaign For OnePlus TV

Global technology brand OnePlus recently announced that it has roped in Bollywood celebrity couple Shahid and Mira Kapoor to be the brand ambassadors of the OnePlus TV product range. 

The brand kicked off the partnership with a playful teaser that gave us a glimpse into the upcoming campaign. Mira Kapoor is seen giving her husband a bunch of commands, which he follows devotedly, which Mira thinks is the smart thing to do. 

Nothing was revealed yet, leaving viewers curious and scratching their heads. 

A couple of days following the teaser, OnePlus India reveals what the gimmick was about in a quirky full-length ad film. 

The film opens with Mira sitting down on the couch with a bowl of pop-corn to watch a movie. On seeing Mira start the movie on the OnePlus TV U1S with a simple voice command, Shahid escapes into a fantasy where everything happens with the drop of a phrase. He dreams of a world where he can do anything with just a voice command, but he’s brought back to reality when Mira refuses to switch to the sports channel on his command and gives him a hilarious reality check. 

The light-hearted ad ends with the focus shifting to how the OnePlus TV U1S listens to every command given by the user, thanks to its clever and innovative hands-free SpeakNow feature.

The storyline seamlessly integrates OnePlus TV’s voice command feature leveraging the chemistry between Shahid and Mira. In fact, this is the first time the celebrity couple has been paired in an ad together. The fun banter between the two will not only be relatable for the audience, but it will also keep them engaged till the very end.

In a world where brands are bringing us new technology quicker than ever, this is yet another step up towards a truly hands-free future!