PUMA’s #PropahLady Redefines The Meaning Of Being Proper For All The Women Out There

Don’t sit like that. Don’t raise your voice. Don’t be like that, be ‘proper’. If you’re a girl, it’s no shocker that you would have heard these innumerable times in life. Society has been hell bent to teach each woman to be a ‘proper lady’. And it is this age-old stereotype that PUMA is challenging and thrashing to bits in its latest campaign so very well. PUMA has taken on the word ‘proper’ and twisted it to ‘propah’ – and has in turn made it oh-so-relevant today for all the women out there! #PropahLady is a campaign that cuts across all the ridiculous rules over the years and defines a Propah Lady once and for all – any thing she wants to be. Literally anything. She’s loud, she’s shy, she’s a hustler, she’s a homemaker, she’s tough, she’s kind, she’s all of the above or whatever else she wants. As simple as that!

The #PropahLady campaign features trailblazer women from different fields defying all the preachy sermons that women have been told over the years. The video showcases some stellar ambassadors that really bring the concept of propah lady to life. There’s the bold Sara Ali Khan unabashedly being her outspoken self. There’s Dutee Chand, setting the bar high with her speed and courage alike, inspiring women to be defiant and strong. Then there is Anjali Lama, a transgender model who’s completely authentic and true to her sense of style in every aspect of her life. And finally packing a powerful punch, literally, is Mary Kom – who’s killing it from championships and rock n roll! Basically, it is safe to say that #PropahLady is an absolute powerhouse, inclusive too, at that (love!)

Watch the video below, you can’t help but feel really invigorated:

The video has been absolutely killing it with the audience. Boss ladies online like Twinkle Khanna, Rhea Kapoor, Kriti Kulhari, Huma Qureshi, Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor to name a few have shared it on their platforms. The brand’s collaborated with artists like Alicia Souza and Amrita for some get-your-propah-on contests. 

And that’s not it, various brands seem to have an interesting take on Propah. The campaign has had strong associations with Myntra, Nykaa and Dunzo and was covered on their platforms. While Myntra took forward the campaign by doing a women’s page takeover and some interesting user generated content with the hashtag #PropahLadyXMyntra, Dunzo created a full-blown episode on Propah Ladies for their series, Humans of Dunzo, to capture stories of some Propah women. The campaign was taken live on Nykaa for its women-centricity and we must say it did hit the right notes! Pages like Under 25 Dictionary, Terribly Tiny Tales and The Scribbed Stories established the context of Propah with their bit, spreading the news really far and making women go oh-that’s-so-us. And for the brand’s forever love for art, PUMA also collaborated with design schools like NIFT and Shrishti to let students do their interpretation of Propah Lady. How cool is that! 

#PropahLady has got conversations going – women embracing the new paradigm of being ‘propah’ and sharing their propah / not so ‘proper’ reactions on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. We absolutely love the campaign. Both the concept and its execution are spot on. Take a bow, PUMA!