Prega News Charts Its Journey Of Smashing Stereotypes And Delivering Good News For Over A Decade

While at-home pregnancy test kits have been fairly popular for decades now, when Prega News first came to the market in 2007, most people in India weren’t aware of the concept. Couples relied on doctors and clinical blood tests to find out if they were expecting and waited for the result in great anticipation.

But that changed when Prega News was introduced as an accessible and inexpensive way to get results in just 5 minutes. The product was revolutionary, not because it was the first of its kind, but because of the way it was marketed that created awareness about the concept and the brand simultaneously.

One of the earliest challenges for the brand was to create awareness about its product and earn people’s trust. With convenience, affordability and accuracy as the three pillars of the brand, Prega News has rolled out a number of memorable advertising campaigns in the past decade that have not just enabled the brand to promote their offering, but also create a special bond with couples. Through associations with platforms such as Momspresso, Baby Destination, and She The People, Prega News has been actively involved with the community of mothers and expecting mothers, providing support throughout the different stages of their journeys.

Apart from focusing on the product, the TVCs have shed a light on various issues faced by women as well, making the brand extremely relatable and easy to connect with. From emotional ads that have championed inclusivity, celebrated both fatherhood and motherhood, and started important conversations on social change, to memorable campaigns with some of India’s biggest celebrities such as Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma, Prega News connected with consumers all over India and captured a whopping 80 per cent of the market share.

While these campaigns worked their magic across the country, regional brand ambassadors such as Srabanti Chatterjee for the eastern market and Kajal Aggaarwal for the southern market, were brought on board in recent years to make the brand’s connection with those in these parts of India deeper. With authentic stories told via both short and long form videos, Prega News has been successful in earning people’s trust.

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Apart from a number of remarkable campaigns, the brand also has a blog where women can find resources on pre-pregnancy, mid-pregnancy and post-pregnancy topics. Live sessions with gynaecologists have also been conducted with audiences, where they have been able to get answers to important questions with respect to pregnancy.

Thanks to a whole range of thoughtfully crafted marketing campaigns, Prega News has showcased its credibility and come out on top as the most popular pregnancy test kit brand in India today.