Pot & Bloom’s Campaign Makes Us All Want To Become Proud Plant Parents

First, what is the brand all about?

The brand Pot & Bloom has just entered the market and has a thoughtful objective in today’s fast-paced world: to make gardening fun and easy for everyone.

With a carefully curated range of products, the brand is breaking category norms and positioning itself to be more relatable to millennials and the Gen-Z audience. It is quite a commendable effort towards a more sustainable future!

Next up, the creative agency

Schbang has consistently transformed brands with their effective communication strategies beautifully tied in with creative storytelling. Pot & Bloom is one such brand, which the agency launched in November this year. Schbang has seamlessly crafted an insightful communication and strategy to strike the right chord with their target audience. How did they do it? Let’s dive in.

The core idea:

Have you heard of the term ‘Plant Parenting’? 

No, it isn’t another one of those catchy millennial phrases: it refers to caring for a plant the same way you would look after a child or a pet.

Plant parenting is more than just a trend that peaked during the pandemic. It’s a lifestyle. 

For their latest campaign, Pot & Bloom collaborated with Schbang and created an experience out of this lifestyle choice. The idea behind the initiative was to get customers to ‘experience the joy of growing’. 

Schbang infused this experience-led idea with relatable and sharable content on social media.

Case in point:

The key communication lever

Taking the essence of plant parenting, the communication built for the brand engages in quirky wordplay drawing similarities between plant parenting and regular parenting.

The inspiration behind the campaign

When people began to look after and care for plants, they didn’t expect to find such a deep-rooted connection and companionship with nature. 

Building on this beautiful insight, Pot & Bloom and Schbang collaboratively conceptualised and crafted a campaign that strives to show customers the essence of growing a life… right from start to finish. 

Let’s break it down, phase by phase. 

Phase 1: Prebuzz 

The “I’m expecting” phase. 

The brand got a bunch of travel and lifestyle influencers to reveal they were “expecting”. 

This bold step created intrigue around the news. Soon, everyone got talking about the vague announcement. 

Phase 2: Launch 

The “I’m expecting a plant baby” phase. 

Here, the influencers:

  • Did an unboxing of the grow kits 
  • Demonstrated how to sow the seeds 
  • Discussed how plant parenthood and its responsibilities changed their lives for the better 

This step was a creative way to plug in the brand and highlight the campaign objective: to inspire people to grow more plants and become proud plant parents. 

Phase 3: Sustenance 

The phase where it all came together 

The brand did a stellar job of creating a buzz and following through with a wholesome campaign. 

With an overall campaign reach of 1mn+ and a 35.25% surge in engagement, it was clearly a success on all fronts: from establishing a dominant media presence to delivering a beautiful, sustainable message. 

Hoping to hear some ‘good news’ soon 🌱