Panasonic Connected ACs With MirAIe Is The Dream Addition To Your Home This Summer

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s 2020! Everything you thought is impossible is happening all around us, thanks to the magical world of smart technology and connected devices! If there’s a brand that’s making leaps in this cutting edge field, it’s gotta be the brand with 100 years of legacy, Panasonic. With their brand promise of ‘A Better life, A Better World’, Panasonic is a clear leader when it comes to IoT enabled connected products.

Panasonic’s latest gem is MirAle – a smart IoT platform that brings the control of all your home appliances in the palm of your hand on one single screen. Think total and seamless connectivity. Whether it’s the ACs, air purifiers, washing machines, video door phones, TV, fans, geyser, switches and what have you – MirAle brings it all together!

Panasonic connected Air Conditioners enabled with MirAIe proposition in particular is just amazing. It allows you to program temperature profiles basis time and days of the week. You can ensure your night isn’t ruined by sudden chills, and you can programme afternoons to be cooler than nights! It’s literally convenience at your finger-tips. The intelligent mode tweaks your experience basis the external weather. Plus energy monitoring over days, weeks and months. Are you thinking is this for real? Well it is.Check out this video below to get a flavour of how Panasonic MirAle could really be your thing:

The campaign video takes a light hearted, slice of the life take to convey how important connected AC is to both a good night’s sleep and a good life! And enter Panasonic’s MirAle Platform.

Apart from the basic control parameters of power, fan speed, swing, etc. through your phone, Panasonic MirAle allows you seamless connectivity remotely across all your devices. Not only that, you can also control all your smart devices using Alexa and Google Home voice connectivity. There’s also really cool automation that tells you how far you are from home, external weather conditions so you can time your connected AC experience to perfection. You can also activate the Auto-clean operation of your MirAle enabled smart AC in a single touch . Pro tip –  if you land this beauty, make sure to turn on Nanoe-g based for clean and healthy air indoors.

All in all, Panasonic’s got us really kicked. MirAle certainly seems like a fabulous addition to your home. With summer approaching, MirAle’s smart take on ACs really looks like the way to go! What do you guys think?