Orient Cement’s Latest Campaign Promises You A House That Lasts Forever, Just Like Your Family

What do you think is the most important aspect about a  building material product like cement? It’s strength, undoubtedly. A brand has taken a very endearing route to showcase this about their offering. Orient Cement, one of the  leading cement manufacturers, has launched an innovative campaign for their Forever Cement –Birla.A1 StrongCrete. The campaign explores the theme of forever against the backdrop of a family home and conveys the sentiment beautifully.

The brand film features a young couple discussing an upcoming housing project and how potentially a happy joint family could live there forever. What starts off as a generic conversation turns into something very personal and in the process, seamlessly manages to also convey the proposition of Birla.A1 StrongCrete. The message lands that this cement would give you a house that lasts forever, just like your relations with your loved ones. Unlike what you would expect out of stereotypical ads for cement, this campaign rings an emotional chord, and the protagonists really bring to light how families and relations are forever.

The Forever Cement – we love the concept and the execution. They’ve taken a simple idea that family is forever and at the same time brought out the core proposition of the cement which is to build a house that lasts forever. Very simple and very effective. Well done, team Orient Cement!