Nike Features Pregnant and Breastfeeding Athletes In This Empowering Ad

Nike’s ‘Strongest Athletes’ film is different from any sportswear advertisement you’ve ever seen before. 

Featuring more than 20 mothers in various stages of pregnancy and postpartum life, the ad is a powerful ode to women, reminding them that their bodies are capable of incredible things. 

Famous sport stars including Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Perri Edwards, Bianca Williams, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Nia Ali appear alongside everyday female athletes – running, training, feeding their babies and pushing their bodies to the limit. 

The campaign was directed entirely on Zoom and compiled with over 22 hours of footage shot by mothers, their friends and family during the pandemic. 

“Pregnancy is the ultimate endurance test. A marathon measured in months, not miles. Some days you feel powerful. Other days, you don’t. But you keep going, because you’re a mother. And mothers are the toughest athletes there are,” the company said in a statement. 

Pregnancy and motherhood are transformative experiences which often take a toll on women’s health. The ad is a powerful message that new and experienced mothers need to hear.