Morning Fresh Is Dishing The Secret To Waking Up Fresh After A Big, Festive Celebration

As the year draws to a close, the festive season commences, and so do the celebrations! 

This time of year is all about getting together with friends and family, and creating new memories over good food, games, conversations… and good drinks. 

There’s an obvious elephant in the room though: the impending hangover the next morning. 

This is exactly the problem that Morning Fresh is out to address.  

The brand proposition is on point.

The brand is positioning itself as the ‘last shot’ of the night, so that you can ‘wake up fresh’ the next morning. How genius?

From Diwali to New Years – this season is super busy and no one can afford a hangover, even more than usual! It’s the perfect time for the brand to pitch itself as the solution, with their all-natural hangover detox drinks.  

By encouraging people to end their night with this ‘last shot’ – the brand is enabling responsible drinking without taking away from the ‘fun’ aspect of the night. 

Everyday is a fresh start 

And Morning Fresh wants to help people make their mornings as productive as possible.

Since the celebrations have already begun, it’s the perfect time for the brand’s all-important reminder for people to stock up on the hangover remedy drink! A little planning to ensure people don’t run out of the true ‘party essential’ this festive season. 

With an innovative proposition, quirky communication, and a loyal user base, Morning Fresh is establishing credibility… and giving people another reason to come together this year!