Mahindra Group Is Weaving Magic With Music This Festive Season!

In an era where diversity thrives and trends are ever-changing, there is one thing that remains constant: the universal language of music. Music evokes indescribable emotions, yet it holds the power to perfectly capture our thoughts with lyrics and harmonies that strike a chord and touch our hearts – despite our differences. 

Mahindra Group has tapped into exactly this magical spirit of music, and is turning heads and winning hearts. How? With the #MahindraSeasonOfFestivals soundtrack!

Composed by the unparalleled genius of Shamir Tandon, and brought to life by Rekha Bhardwaj’s melodious voice, the song is an incredible way for the brand to flag off the Mahindra Season Of Festivals.

The soundtrack was a genius way for the brand to announce their extensive line-up of cultural celebrations, and do so in a way that cuts through the clutter and resonates with audiences from all across the country in a meaningful manner.

The striking visuals in the music video tell a story, and beautifully manage to showcase the brand’s commitment to providing an immersive musical experience. Have a look for yourself!

Just like good music always does, this soundtrack brought people together, and how! 

With over 20 million views across YouTube and Instagram, the #MahindraSeasonOfFestivals soundtrack has been going viral, and inspiring creative renditions by various artists. 

The likes of Rahul Vaidya, Amaal Malik, Harshdeep Kaur, Neeti Mohan among others have all given the sountrack a new sound and vibe that fits their signature styles, while retaining the skillful orchestration of the composition. 

These unique takes prove how the soundtrack by Mahindra celebrates the true essence of music: that which transcends boundaries and captures the real meaning of ‘unity in diversity’. 

Social media was abuzz with likes, shares, and comments of approval and appreciation, effortlessly creating a buzz around the brand’s roster of music festivals this year.  

A festive campaign that stood apart 

Mahindra Group is all about ‘Rising For Culture’

There’s nothing that reflects the rich tapestry of our artistic heritage like music, and the brand exemplified that with this thoughtful and meaningful campaign. 

By putting an innovative spin on our cherished traditions, Mahindra Group connected with people on a personal and communal level with an authentic initiative, deeply rooted in our culture and customs.