LEGO Has Unveiled A FRIENDS Apartment Set Packed With Iconic Props

Who said LEGOs were only meant for kids? This set is recommended for ages 18+.

The Danish toy maker has announced the launch of the ultimate 2048-piece Friends Apartment Set, and the attention to detail that has gone in making the set is impressive to say the least. 

The set will include both Joey and Monica’s apartments along with the adjoining hallway, and minifigures of the whole gang in their most recognisable outfits. 

Check out Rachel’s plaid skirt and Joey in all of Chandler’s clothes:

The set will also include Janice – Chandler’s long-time on-and-off girlfriend along with Pat The Dog, the chick and the duck. 

Fans will also be able to relive their favourite episodes through memorable props such as the Thanksgiving turkey that Monica puts on her head, Mrs. Braverman’s cheesecake which Rachel and Chandler eat off the floor, and more!