Johny Lever Takes On Scammers In Truecaller’s Hilarious Jam The Scam Campaign

It’s almost the end of the year and the festive spirit is at an all time high. While we’re all busy decking up our homes, meeting friends and family and indulging in card games, there’s one pesky phenomenon that goes through the roof year after year: scam calls. 

Phone scams around gift card coupons, lottery, and more go up by 150 per cent around Diwali, robbing many of their money and peace of mind. Truecaller, the platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted calls, has launched another edition of the Jam The Scam campaign, upping the ante this year with none other than comedy king Johny Lever.

Along with the vigilante duo of Jesse and Jamie Lever, Daddy Lever fittingly joins the house to turn up the heat on scammers who try to take advantage of unknowing people during Diwali. In two hilarious films, the trio get on the phone with scammers to waste their time, while showcasing how persistent and unsuspecting they can seem.

The first film aptly titled ‘LOL-ttery’ shows how we’re bombarded with SMSes that congratulate us on winning huge sums in random lotteries and ask us to call a given number to claim the prize. Johny Lever takes it to the next level by confusing the scammer with random numbers.

In the second film, Truecaller shows how scammers try stealing from innocent people using fake businesses. Once again, the Lever family teaches the swindler a lesson in a humorous way. 

Based on true scenarios, the narrative connects to the funny bone of the audience while also ensuring a strong awareness drive around scam safety. The campaign also showcases how the spam blocker from Truecaller plays a pivotal role in helping over 20 crore Indians to identify, block, and report such scams.