Jockey Woman Portraits Brings Forth Incredible Stories Of Women Achievers

Jockey has always been known to come up with campaigns that really hit close to the heart. They have always been a very consumer-centric brand, which is reflected in their #KnowsMe campaign. With years of expertise in the lingerie segment, the brand truly knows and understands a woman, her body and her needs. This understanding and association goes beyond the product itself. Jockey Woman Portraits is a product of exactly this understanding. It is a stellar example of the brand raising a tribute to some spectacular women, who’ve achieved great heights in different fields. Jockey Woman Portraits is an extension of the brand’s close understanding of women, and the finesse with which the show is executed reflects the same.

Jockey Woman Portraits is a collaboration between Jockey and MTV to create a platform that applauds the rebels and risk takers. It’s a resounding cheer for women who celebrate their uniqueness and honors their milestones. Jockey Woman Portraits showcases some of these stories, capturing how some women have taken offbeat paths and carved a niche for themselves. This show has garnered rave views from audiences who’ve devoured the tales of brilliant women killing it everywhere from the racing track to the dance floor to the kitchen to the open road. Both Season 1 and Season 2 of Jockey Woman Portraits was full of stories of women who dare to zig when everyone else zags!

Here’s one such inspiring story of Shilo Shiv Suleman, an Indian contemporary artist.