How Berger Paints Used Pakistani Truck Art To Help Find Missing Children

More than 3,000 children go missing each year in Pakistan. 

Finding these children is extremely challenging as they are quickly moved to remote parts of the country where news coverage is limited.

So Berger Paints came up with a way to help – through classic Pakistani truck art. 

Truck art is an art form in which transport and goods trucks travelling across the country are decorated with elaborate floral patterns, animals, calligraphy, and portraits of famous personalities.

In collaboration with anthropologist and conceptual artist Samar Minallah Khan, Berger swapped the portraits of famous personalities for portraits of missing children, and painted a helpline number along with them.

More than 3,000 calls were received, out of which 500 were solid leads. The campaign successfully reunited seven children with their families, and the trucks became an effective way of reaching remote areas where traditional media does not reach.