Here Are The Best Teachers’ Day Campaigns Of 2022

From kindergarten to adulthood, every phase of life brings with it a different lesson, and every lesson is taught by a teacher who directly or indirectly guides us to be the best version of ourselves.  

To express our gratitude, respect, and love for all the teachers that have shaped us into the people we are today, this special day calls for a celebration that is as unique as the relationship between a student and a teacher. 

In the world of advertising, brands embody this relationship in some of the most heart-warming and insightful campaigns that leave behind a lasting impression.

Here are some of our favourites this year:

1. BYJU’S | Student Forever 

BYJU’S approach this year encourages a perspective shift. The core message highlights that learning is a journey without a destination, and no one really ever stops being a student. And the biggest student of us all? Teachers themselves. 

The campaign pays homage to those teachers who aren’t only model educators, but also exemplary learners who are leading by example.

2. upGrad | Sirf Naam Ki Nahi, Kaam Ki Degree 

upGrad celebrated Teachers’ Day by celebrating all facets of what a teacher can mean in our lives. The finest advice and lessons are often learned from our peers. There are momentous occasions when a teacher has stepped up to help us make the right career choices. There are innumerable moments when someone goes above and beyond their defined role to teach us a hack and get us out of a sticky spot.

In a series of short films, upGrad celebrated Teachers’ Day by showcasing these relatable moments, and seamlessly weaving in their brand proposition: Sirf Naam Ki Nahi, Kaam Ki Degree.

3. Navneet Education | #TrForTeacher

The brand launched its campaign to honour teachers by giving them the title of ‘Tr’. The film brings to light all the struggles a teacher goes through to help students reach their potential that in turn shape the legacy of the country. 

All this is summarized with just one simple question: like all noble professionals, isn’t it time we gave teachers a title that honours them too? 

Which one was your favourite?