Here Are The Best Rakshabandhan Campaigns Of 2022

Despite the fights, food wars, and battles over the TV remote, there’s one person we can always count on to be there for us at the end of the day: our siblings.

We find them annoying 364 days a year, but the one day we do appreciate them is Rakshabandhan, and brands encapsulate the balance between love and war in their campaigns beautifully this time of year.

Goes without saying, there is only a handful that gets the balance right.

Here are the campaigns that we think brought us closer to our favourite frenemies this year:

1. Asian Paints | First Roommates

It’s a universal feeling: you want your sibling to move out of your shared room, until one day they actually do. Asian Paints’ campaign is helping us take a walk down memory lane with our first and most favourite roommates.

2. Happilo | Kuch Gift Bhi De De Bhai

With siblings, it’s 1% emotion and 99% banter. The campaign ditches the mainstream emotional route to highlight all the mischief siblings get up to in the most creative way – by using iconic Bollywood references.

3. Godrej L’Affaire | Respect All Bandhans

Godrej L’affaire celebrates the spirit of respect and dignity for all relationships this Rakshabandhan. Their #RespectAllBandhan film urges us to pledge dignity towards every single person and relation. A Rakshabandhan campaign that goes beyond just sibling love – and we love that!

4. Cadbury Celebrations | Connected Rakhi

As we grow older, we get busier and at some point, we begin taking our loved ones for granted. Building on this insight, the #ConnectedRakhi campaign is bringing siblings closer together by bridging the distance through Bluetooth-enabled Rakhis.

5. CaratLane | Our Golden Bandhan

Rakshabandhan celebrates all kinds of sibling relationships, and CaratLane’s campaign was able to capture the element of the diversity of the festival through a series of real-life sibling stories.

6. Kinder | Khao Khelo Khush Raho

This campaign strives to educate children about the meaning behind Rakshabandhan, while still retaining the ‘fun element’ that we have with our partners-in-crime.

7. Gulf Oil | Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan

In the fourth edition of their campaign, Gulf Oil partnered with Onsurity, TV9 Network and Big FM to take its promise of protection to the truckers on-ground. They provided 10,000 with access to healthcare benefits and support, making it a Rakshabandhan to remember.

8. Skinn | Best Said With Skinn

Iconic sibling duos? No one does it like Kapoors’. Skinn’s campaign follows a light-hearted and candid conversation between two siblings as they mildly roast and thoroughly tease one another.

Which one was your favourite?