Here Are The Best Independence Day Campaigns of 2022

From big milestones to the little victories, every milestone for India brings out a sense of pride and patriotism in us that is hard to capture in words.

This year, our spirits are higher than ever, and brands are keeping the enthusiasm alive with creative and innovative campaigns that strive to capture the essence of independent India. 

Here’s our pick of some of the best campaigns celebrating India’s 75th Independence Day:

  1. Byju’s | Celebrating the Past. Investing in the Future

Byju’s celebrated the future leaders of India who will shape the nation’s next 75 years. The campaign also looked back with pride at the past 75 years, through 75 reels executed within 15 hours. Let Byju’s take you down memory lane here.

  1. CoWrks | The Freedom To 

Taking ‘freedom’ as the main theme, the campaign explores the different aspects of the word and redefines the meaning to fit a contemporary and progressive India. 

  1. Godrej | Sounds Of Making India 

The campaign narrates Godrej’s contribution to the progress of the country using industrial sounds or ‘heartbeats’ that depict growth and development in the manufacturing ecosystem. 

  1. Aditya Birla Group | #BigInIndiaMoments

In partnership with Hindustan Times, Aditya Birla Group’s campaign is re-living 75 years of Independent India through a 75-part series which highlights the iconic moments that shaped the country.

  1. Servewell | India on a Plate

Servewell had a unique campaign bringing together the power of community and AI to create art that brought India to life – on a plate! The India On A Plate contest invited the audience to share 3 words that summarized India for them. AI technology converted those 3 words into digital art for the users. A contest that brought patriotism, science and art together in a beautiful way!

  1. SleepyCat | Free For Sleep 

A quirky dialogue, 2 engaging characters, and a series of relatable moments… The campaign points out how despite the freedom we enjoy in all other spheres of life, we’re almost never free for sleep! 

  1. ITC | Har Ghar Tiranga 

ITC’s campaign is urging us to be proud, wave the Tiranga, and look back at the country’s journey with our heads held high to honour those who sacrificed their lives to get us where we are today. 

  1. Goel TMT | Har Ghar Tiranga 

A celebration that brings the whole country together, Goel TMT’s message is as simple as it is beautiful. 

  1. Thums Up | Har Haath Toofan 

Thums up is raising their hands to salute all those national heroes that beat all odds to bring glory to the nation with their resilience and hard work. 

  1. Tata Tea | Desh Ka Garv 

This campaign is taking a tour of the country to relive the important milestones and bring back iconic stories from India’s past to make them relevant again in today’s context. 

  1. JSW Paints | Think Beautiful 

A thought-provoking message delivered elegantly, JSW Paints’ campaign shows how beautiful thinking and beautiful deeds can build a beautiful nation. 

Which one was your favourite?