Godrej Properties Is Bringing Cinematic Magic To Everyone By Opening The Iconic RK Studios Gates

If you have even half a Bollywood fan bone in your body, you would be aware of and potentially awestruck by the iconic RK Studios. RK Studios has always held a special place for the movie fraternity and movie buffs alike. It’s held an old world charm that has only enhanced with time. It’s no surprise then that when Godrej Properties announced their latest project – Godrej RKS, it got everyone’s attention. Yes, they’re re-opening the iconic gates of RK Studios.

We are completely digging how Godrej Properties crafted their marketing campaign to launch and create a buzz around Godrej RKS. So many people have at some point admired the iconic RK Studios gates from the outside. The gates represented both a rich legacy and an almost out-of-reach dream world. Godrej Properties kept its key message around opening these iconic gates to the ordinary world outside. It made RK Studios accessible and suddenly, any of us can create our own stories inside the magical RK Studios. Their launch newspaper ad was unlike the usual clutter we see, very subtly announcing the project while keeping the focus on the iconic RK legacy being restored.

Godrej Properties also roped in the who’s who of Bollywood to reflect on what the studio means to them. Karan Johar, Twinkle and Taran Adarsh shared their stories about how RK holds a special place in their journey. This further created a sense of aspiration to wanting to step into the glorious RK Studios and experience the magic first hand. And that was really the crux of this whole campaign. Godrej RKS is a landmark address where many cinematic stories have been written. It’s a landmark that holds a lot of meaning to not just celebrities, but ordinary people who’ve grown up around it too. Godrej Properties also curated some of these stories. Check out once such #LiveYourStory post:

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“As a kid, I shied away from trying new things. I had a cousin who was that typical engineer, so my parents constantly pushed me to follow the same path. But I didn’t do well in my 10th & applied for Commerce–it was a ‘stable’ option in my family’s opinion. But I was always fascinated with films. As a kid, I’d pass by the gates of RK studios every weekend & peep at it through my car window, captivated! I’d sometimes stand at the gate to catch a glimpse of celebrities. Once, I even tried sneaking in, but got kicked out! Another time, I somehow got in & watched the shooting of ‘Brothers’. I stood there & stared for 2 hours–it felt surreal to be surrounded by cameras & so many costumes! I thought to myself, ‘One day, I’ll be here, not as a fan but, a celebrity.’ Still, I was dragged into the corporate life. But I’d bought a camera & photography was the highlight of my dull office life. One day, I failed to complete a task & my boss humiliated me. I was embarrassed & couldn’t make eye contact with my colleagues. I went down to the basement to have lunch alone & cried. I felt guilty for rejecting film offers I’d get through my Instagram; the only thing that would brighten days like these! Soon, a few friends encouraged me to quit my job–so that’s what I did. I was nervous, but the very next day I had a shoot with an influencer. Quitting my job made me give it my all in film–so I developed my portfolio & applied to film school. I studied film for a year & freelanced to make money. I reached my highest point this year when I got an offer to be a photographer at a RK studios event. As a child, I was so fascinated by it & now, I had the chance to photograph an event there. It was a dream come true; like life had come full circle. I could’ve let my fear of losing a stable source of income overpower my passion for film, but I quit my job anyway. This is my story & I’m the only one who can write it–so I picked up my camera, took the leap of faith & now there’s only one way to go, upwards & onwards.” —- HoB with Godrej Properties, encourages you to #LiveYourStory & no longer wonder what lies beyond the walls of RK Studios–the gates are finally open to everyone!

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Godrej RKS seems like a project that is the coming together of two iconic legacies into one landmark address. A delightful proposition to create more stories, with perhaps a cinematic touch to it! We loved the #LiveYourStory campaign, what did you guys think?