From AM To PM, Here’s How Leap7x Is Helping The Youth Reach For The Stars

It takes hard work, determination, and thick skin to emerge victorious in the face of a challenge and become a true ‘hustler’. 

But the strength and resilience of a hustler often go unacknowledged. 

To break the ice and appreciate their efforts, Leap 7x, the homegrown brand by Liberty Shoes is positioning itself as an athleisure brand made specifically for the hard-hustling youth and their demanding lifestyle. Liberty Shoes legit takes a “leap” and transforms itself to a youth focused brand with its new offering.

It’s a stark contrast from the erstwhile perception of being an “older” brand, to a new brand ethos which is so much more youthful with both its product line and marketing communication.

‘Sitaare Aise Hi Nahi Bante, Mehnat Karni Padti Hai AM To PM’ captures the outlook of the brand, and its transformation to become the perfect match for this generation’s hustlers. 

From AM to PM 

Ravi Kishan’s soul-stirring narration packs power and punch into the film, bringing the script to life in the most magical way. 

With an inspiring and impactful tonality, the campaign delivers its main message beautifully: that to achieve one’s dreams, there are no shortcuts, only consistent hard work from AM to PM. 

The campaign is embodying ‘the grind don’t stop’, in the most exhilarating way. 

Girl Power 

To connect with young customers, the brand roped in two celebrities that are loved and favoured by the youth pan India: Ayushmann Khurana and Rakul Preet Singh. 

The protagonists prove to be perfect for the campaign, touching upon issues that hit close to home for a lot of people. 

By shattering the notion of women being “delicate”, they are taking a strong stand to break stereotypes and advocate equality in society. 

It’s inspiring, energizing, and stimulating all at once. 

It’s very uncommon for a brand’s Head of Marketing to take ownership of the creative aspect behind a campaign instead of roping in an agency as is the norm. But Barun Prabhakar, Head Of Marketing for Liberty, did exactly that and executed his vision to perfection. 

To portray his belief that the path to success has no shortcuts, he leveraged his creative imagination to give the brand a strong identity, synonymous with a ‘hero’. 

Apart from the creative ideation Barun also penned down the script of the campaign, which was beautifully brought to life by Ravi Kishan.

The campaign is winning hearts 

With a mission to support the youth in achieving their dreams, the campaign is helping Leap7x stand out as an athleisure brand in a way that’s clutter-breaking and uplifting.  

A promising message delivered in a wholesome way, what’s not to love?