Edelweiss Tokio Life celebrates the Power of ONE with #MeriMarziKaPlan campaign

When it comes to life insurance, there are two elements people want, but find difficult to get: flexibility and customisation. 

Every individual has unique needs and curating one generic solution for them all seems deficient. 

Building on this insight, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, a new-age life insurance company, has introduced Flexi Savings Plan, a participating life insurance solution which gives customers complete control and the freedom to avail the benefits of their insurance plan whenever they desire. 

Breaking down the idea 

The life insurer has built on their demonstrated track record in product innovation with Flexi Savings Plan. Through an innovative optional feature called Accrual of Survival Benefits, the product lets the customer change the timing of the benefit pay out as many times as required during the tenure of the policy.

With this campaign, the brand wanted to be direct in underscoring the uniqueness of this product, while delivering the message that personalisation is officially here in the Life Insurance sector. This was the genesis of the thought ‘Meri Marzi Ka Plan.’ To exemplify this campaign thought, the brand roped in Mithali Raj, former captain of the Indian women’s national cricket team.

People have ever-evolving needs; the campaign highlights this fact and gives the audience a sense of reassurance that the brand is in sync with its customer’s wants and needs. 

The ad film featuring Mithali Raj keeps it short and simple, addressing customers’ main concerns and offering practical solutions with the help of a brisk and easy-to-follow narrative. 

Manifesting ‘the power of ONE’ 

With the introduction of the new feature, Edelweiss Tokio Life is acknowledging its customers’ diverse needs while keeping them united and gratified in their choice to consider the Flexi Savings Plan. 

Functional. Innovative. Customised. A campaign that encapsulates exactly what people look for in their life insurance plans. 

A solid campaign built on a solid insight 

The campaign works because it takes on a potentially serious topic and breaks it down for people in the simplest and most clear way. It celebrates the insight that every customer is unique ONE. The Flexi Savings Plan product as well as the campaign both showcase this well.