eat.fit Is The Solution To All Your Hunger Problems – Stop Soching and Start Ordering!

‘To be or not to be’ – this used to be the most important question back in the day of Shakespeare. Cut to 2019 and the most common question bothering us day in and out is ‘What to order and from where’. This is genuinely one of the most relatable issues today. You could think of multiple scenarios whether you’re at work or just hanging out with friends and you will inevitably end up in a long drawn discussion over what to eat and how to order. It’s this amazing insight that cure.fit has chosen for their debut TVC for eat.fit, the food vertical for this integrated health and wellness start-up.

eat.fit has taken on a very catchy ‘Stop Soching, Start Ordering‘ campaign. The campaign is literally true to its name – the essence is to drive home a solution for the modern day dilemma of food ordering in an innovative and simple way. The video showcases slice of life scenarios where we encounter this discussion over food happening. The first video of the series depicts a typical boardroom meeting where the employees outside perceive the heated discussion inside to be about some serious corporate issue. On the contrary, the discussion in the boardroom is a spirited debate on – yes, you guessed it right – what to order and from where! Check out the TVC below:



The TVC concept is very straightforward with clear takeaways and the execution of the video is spot on. The office set up and situation of everyone discussing what to order is something most of us have encountered. The video does a wonderful job in communicating two crucial things. It propagates the philosophy of healthy eating, in line with the overall brand persona. In addition, it also drives home the point of convenience, which is perfect fit for the target urban millennial. All in all, the TVC conveys that eat.fit has a varied set of healthy and tasty meal choices that can be easily ordered in one click.

So, no matter where you are and what situation you’re in, remember to stop soching and start ordering!