Dumb Ways To Spread, So Many Dumb Ways To Spread!

Remember the mobile game ‘Dumb Ways To Die’? 

The game was actually a part of a public service campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne to promote railway safety, and the theme video became the internet’s most shared video in 2012!

The University for the Creative Arts for NHS has launched a new campaign titled ‘Dumb Ways To Spread’ which highlights the dumb ways people can spread the virus.

The ‘dumbest’ way however according to the video, would be to not get vaccinated. 

The video features shots of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and even the former President of the US, Donald Trump. 

So, what worked for the campaign?


The campaign leverages the popularity of the animations and the song from the original campaign. Almost everyone knows how the theme song goes!

A Universal Message

The campaign is relatable to a global audience. It’s sad that the pandemic has spread all over the world, but at least we’re in it together!


The song is extremely catchy and gets stuck in your head!

Let’s sing along and avoid all the dumb ways to spread.