Courtyard by Marriott’s Latest Campaign Showcases Stories Of Pure Passion

When it comes to hospitality, most advertising campaigns focus on showing the rooms, restaurants and services. However, one brand has chosen to break the clutter in an innovative manner –  Courtyard by Marriott. Their latest campaign in India has taken on a very refreshing route to focus positioning on what success means to the next generation of guests. Courtyard by Marriott uses the campaign to convey that their property provides the best hotel experience to their guests as they embark on their quests of passion.

The campaign, designed exclusively for India, showcases the story of Garima Avtar, one of India’s top rally drivers, and goes on to show how her story is so interwined in the experience of staying at the Courtyard by Marriott. The campaign video, aptly titled ‘Driven’, is a thrilling piece of work – the slick editing and incredible screenplay really keep you hooked till the very end. The spot is a clear articulation of the shared belief system, what drives Courtyard by Marriott as a brand and how their guests pursue their passions in the world. Watch the video below:

‘Driven’ is winning accolades for capturing a simple concept and executing it so brilliantly. Courtyard by Marriott thinks of its “next generation of guests” – millennials and those who share millennials’ psychographics – as trailblazers who reflect societal shifts in their perceptions of success. These are all people who are more mobile than their predecessors and for whom, success isn’t just about a ‘single achievement’ anymore. The campaign breaks the clutter in the space by choosing to mirror the attitude of this customer, instead of merely showing off the Courtyard by Marriott property. We love the creativity in concept and the absolute class in developing the video. Here’s to more achievers and the passion that drives them!