Cadbury Celebrations Lights Up Lives This Diwali With Their Latest Campaign

Diwali is one of the most auspicious and bright festivals in India. Everyone eagerly awaits this time of the year when they can brighten up every nook and corner of their surroundings and bring in this beautiful festival with all the sparkle and shine. However, many people in the country are still not fortunate enough to have electricity to indulge in the most important part of the festival – lights. It is this that inspired Cadbury Celebrations to come up with potentially the most meaningful and brightest campaign this Diwali.

Cadbury picked a small village of Surachand in Rajasthan – a village where many artisans have been making the beautiful lamps that people all over use to light up their homes. However they who brighten our lives, dont have access to enough lights for their own homes, and they continue to live in darkness. The irony was right in front of everyone’s eyes’ and so was the solution. Cadbury installed solar panels and completely transformed Diwali in Surachand. Watch the campaign video below:



Cadbury has not only broken the clutter with this campaign, but it has truly touched lives. The brand has always been about spreading joy and happiness and this Diwali, they have definitely taken that to the next level.

We absolutely loved this initiative by Cadbury Celebrations and this campaign. It reminds us of how any act of kindness, however small, can bring joy to people around us. The campaign further reinforces the brand’s strong proposition of ‘Kuch Achha Ho Jaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’. It celebrates the generosity in everyone, showcasing how such moments go on to strengthen human relationships.

Go on and spread some light in the lives of those who need it, isn’t that what Diwali is all about.