Burger King’s Whopper Got A Twitter Account And Its Rants Are Hilarious

Burger King recently unveiled a new chicken offering – the Ch’King sandwich to compete in the chicken sandwich wars. 

But from the looks of it, the fast food brand has set off a competition within the family itself. 

With all the bustle around the new launch, the OG Whopper has made a Twitter account to rant about the newcomer who is clearly trying to steal its thunder and replace it as the favourite. 

And we gotta say, we actually feel bad for the little guy. 

The Whopper is clearly an expert at whining and seeking attention. Burger King attempted to calm down its tantrum-throwing child.

However, its efforts were in vain. In a hilarious series of Tweets, the Whopper began seeking help from other brands.

One of them even offered the Whopper a job. Eau de Whopper.

But like all smart parents, Burger King found a way to resolve the matter while keeping it in the family.

All’s well that ends well.