Axis MF Has The Perfect Educative Campaign

Okay, it’s that time of the year. Are you feeling anxious? Worried about some kind of an impending doom? Has an email alert prompting you submit tax savings documents triggered all kinds of stress in you? And needless to say are you dreading the fact that you don’t know what to do and you are racing against the clock. Well, we hate to break it to you, but you my friend have caught Tax Fever.

Waiting to save taxes till the last possible minute is a very common occurrence. It’s sub-optimal, you lose money and it causes stress. Axis MF has come up with a genius proposition and campaign targeting everyone at risk or suffering from Tax Fever.  Enter Axis MF with their campaign call – the right way to think about this is to not just save taxes also but earn money and build wealth. It’s an important message for the procrastinators out there who inevitably leave tax savings to the last minute, and end up then doing nothing meaningful.

Axis MF conceptualized a great campaign seeding this concept of Tax Fever. Much like any flu, its a cyclical event that causes a world of problems and leaves you panic-stricken! There are two clear dimensions of the tax fever – waiting till the last minute to save taxes, and in the process de-prioritizing wealth creation opportunity. Axis MF urges us to solves both these. Check out the videos below:

We love the slightly quirky, humorous take on the video execution. The concept lands very well, and definitely calls out to all of us with its relatable messaging. So if you sense the tax fever creeping up on you, you know what to do! We absolutely loved the initiative by the brand to launch an educative campaign. Overall, a campaign well done. We like!