Axe Your Tax with DSP Mutual Fund – A Smart Out-Of-Home Campaign!

What comes to your mind when we say mutual fund ads – a lot of jargon, way too many numbers, overload of disclaimers and legal information? Yes, true story. However, there’s one brand that’s really breaking the clutter with simple, crisp and effective messaging – DSP Mutual Fund. DSP Mutual Fund has conceptualized a brilliant minimal out-of-home campaign, that’s caught everyone’s attention with one powerful message – Axe Your Tax! Doesn’t get any clearer than this!

While most financial brands tend to take a very complex approach in their messaging, packing all kinds of information for the consumer’s mind, DSP Mutual Fund has taken a different route for their Tax Saver Fund offering. Their campaign is clean and clutter free with only one message and take-away: Axe Your Tax. It effectively conveys the value proposition to the consumer which is basically reducing your taxable income, in just three words. And isn’t that all the consumer cares about to begin with? We like this approach – it’s bold, it’s minimal, it’s successful in both catching the customer attention and in communicating the offering proposition.

Check out their out-of-home ads below:

Absolutely minimal and crisp – this is certainly a campaign that will grab eyeballs and create interest – after all, wouldn’t we all just love to axe every bit of tax that we can!

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.