toothsi’s Latest Ad Campaign Featuring An Angry Arjun Kapoor Is All The Masala You Need This Weekend

When you think of celebrity endorsements, you wouldn’t think of a celebrity becoming so emotional and vulnerable because of the product that they begin to share all of their insecurities. toothsi, the at-home smile makeover service, has launched its first campaign with Arjun Kapoor and we have to say: the campaign takes quite an unconventional route.

Prior to the campaign video release, a teaser was released with an evidently angry Arjun Kapoor upset about something.

The Bollywood actor took to Instagram to share an emotionally-charged message about an outburst he had while on set. Here’s a screenshot of the Instagram story:

The cryptic post left fans all over the country confused and wondering what the reason for his outburst could be. While people speculated, news outlets and e-tabloids began reporting on the incident and the social media post was covered by various publications such as The Indian Express, News 18, India Today, The Hindustan Times, and more.

A day following the story, after creating a whole lot of buzz, Kapoor took to Instagram once more to reveal the truth behind his temper tantrum. Turns out, he was angry with none other than the brand he was shooting a commercial for – toothsi. The brand provides clear aligners to overcome problems such as teeth alignment, deep bites and more.

In the campaign film, Kapoor is seen reading the commercial script before getting ready for his shot. When one of the assistants on set reminds him that it’s time to shoot, the actor lashes out at the toothsi representatives there, while opening up about the experience he had with metal braces as a child. He reveals how having metal braces caused him a great deal of turmoil in his teenage years – from being made fun of because of the way his teeth looked, to sacrificing having his favourite food items because of braces.

While the ‘outburst’ is a bit shocking at first, Kapoor then goes on to talk about how convenient and comfortable the aligners are, appreciating the product in his hand, and how he wished toothsi existed back when he had to wear braces.

At the end of the commercial, Kapoor asks viewers to consider toothsi for all their teeth alignment problems, and hilariously asks the director if he can take the set of aligners home following which he’s reminded they are meant to be customised for each user.

This unique approach of communicating the brand’s offering keeps the audience engaged right till the end. The narrative is not just memorable because of Arjun Kapoor, but relatable as well for those who have gone through the tedious experience of having metal braces. 

The campaign successfully grabs the attention of consumers due to its shock value and manages to hold their attention till the very end.

With this unconventional campaign, toothsi markets smile correction in a wacky way, unlike anything in its category before. 

Nothing short of a stroke of genius.