Zoomcar Has The Perfect Solution To Making Your Car Feel Brand New All Day Everyday!

There are some fragrances that are very special because they please not just the olfactory sense, but also the heart. Right up on that list is the smell of a new car. A new car smell is delightful at multiple levels – first the fact that the literal smell itself is all fresh and clean, and second the emotion it represents. It is this new car smell that a brand has found a really clever way to bottle up and bring to the audience – Zoomcar with its Accelerate car perfume range.

It’s a first of its kind, truly innovative offering that allows customers to carry back a product that ensures their cars feel brand new every single day! Not only that, Zoomcar is using these perfumes in all their 14000+ cars around the country – so every time you rent a car, it will have the same fresh new car smell. Pretty genius, right?

An innovative offering like this warrants a quirky campaign. And that’s exactly what Zoomcar delivered. They managed to take an erstwhile bland category like car perfume and convert it into a fun, engaging video which really brings out the unconventional vibe that the brand is going for. Check out their campaign video #SmellTheNew below:

We think that this #SmellTheNew campaign by Zoomcar really really works and here’s why. The ad builds a platform that reminds us just why the smell of a car is so important, and how its a reflection of our personalities. Who doesn’t want to feel brand new every day! And that’s why Accelerate works. From the point of view of this perfume being used in the Zoomcars too, Accelerate ensures a consistent, assured clean and fresh experience every time a customer uses their car. Who doesn’t want a rented car to feel hygienic! And that’s again why Accelerate works as a proposition. All in all, it’s quite a clever offering and the campaign does justice to generate awareness about the product and create the right quirky perception which will induce the target audience to try it out.

Further, Accelerate is locally produced, allergy proof, paraben free and many more other USPs that make it a very interesting product to watch out for. All this goodness under Rs. 100/-.

So what are you waiting for, go indulge in some aromatherapy in your next drive! While you are at it, you could also get some offers on the brand’s products by clicking here.