A Talking TV, A Relatable Insight And A Crisply Executed Campaign – ZEE’s #TVisFamily

Good marketing ideas are never complex. They are simple thoughts, drawn from an honest place directly from our real life experiences. ZEE’s #TVisFamily campaign is exactly that – a simple representation of how television has become a part of our family. A thought so pervasive across the country, and yet something which no one ever caught onto.

While the insight itself was on point, the execution was commendable as well. The campaign released on World TV Day and saw love and appreciation pouring in from different quarters.

The Build Up

To celebrate this companionship, the brand brought alive television sets in millions of homes across the country. Ten second bumper ads of a talking television were aired across the ZEE network all day. Viewers were surprised when their television sets suddenly started speaking to them, and they voiced their intrigue on social media.

The curiosity around a talking TV was clearly visible, with #MyTVTalks trending at No. 3 on Twitter, generating more than 26 million impressions in a single day!

The Reveal

The big reveal was made at 6pm through a roadblock across all ZEE channels and all its social assets with a heartwarming film that captured the essence of why #TVisFamily, with Anand Tiwari donning the role of ‘TV’. 

Brands Joined The Conversation

Popular brands like Britannia, Parle, Swiggy, Tata Sky, Sunfeast Yippee & Mom’s Magic joined in the conversation as well.

Celebrities Shared Their TV Memories

Leading influencers like author Durjoy Datta and actors like Aashna Kishore, Abhijeet Khandekar and Subhasis Sharma voiced their appreciation for the campaign and spoke about how TV indeed is like family to them.

So, what made the campaign work?


We have all grown up watching television, and the campaign celebrates exactly that – the strong connection we have had with it over the years. TVs have brought families together in the living room where fond memories have been created.

Humanification of TV

We loved how television was personified in the campaign. First through the ten second bumper ads, and then by Anand Tiwari in the TVC. This allowed the brand to truly represent the many roles TVs have played in our lives, which might have been difficult to express otherwise.

Brand Integration

The fact that so many popular brands joined in the conversation and expressed their views not only got the campaign more eye-balls but also depicted how the association with TV is all pervasive.

The Insight

If there’s one thing the campaign got right (and it got many), it’s the over-arching insight – #TVisFamily.