Zara’s New Tight-Fitting Logo Doesn’t Even Have ‘Zara Sa Logic’

In a bizarre change from contemporary trends, Zara has forgone its spaced-out-logo for one which has overlapping characters, and is the opposite of what most brands have been striving towards.

Fashion logos are beginning to look the same, and the reason is largely because the are designed for readability and are created to be legible whether resized for tiny mobile screens or stamped on handbags.

Behold :

And then you notice, “The new branding seems to read like, Zaba, doesn’t it?”

The logo change has faced a lot of trolling on the internet, with many joking that it reflects the sizes of the retailer’s apparels and models. Those who dislike the new logo, there is a chance that the revamp is only temporary, as we have seen many brands make subtle changes for a season launch in the past.

You might have to wait and see if Zara has permanently adopted this new logo. Meanwhile, check out some witty responses to the redesign from both the creative community and shoppers of Zara.