How Nutella Is Spreading Smiles This World Nutella Day

Nutella® is one of the most loved brands across the globe. Loved by generations, the World Nutella® Day on Saturday, February 5th will unite Nutella® lovers and fans all over the world to relish the special day, coming together on social media, to share recipes and stories, and to savour the taste of their favourite hazelnut spread.

The day was created in 2007 by American blogger Sara Rosso, who decided to create a celebratory day to inspire and connect the global Nutella® community to share their passion for the brand on social media. World Nutella® Day over the years has become a global phenomenon with fans everywhere sharing and spreading their love for Nutella®. 

What started as a celebration by one person in 2007, has now grown into a global phenomenon celebrated across a plethora of countries. In India this year, the brand is focusing on ‘spreading a Nutella® smile’, and guess who has joined in the celebrations – Bollywood Superstar & Nutella® fan, Ranveer Singh!

Ranveer Singh has been a long time Nutella® loyalist, and he is joining the celebrations this year by announcing the ‘Spread A Nutella® Smile‘ contest where fans can win exciting Nutella® hampers. 

What do you need to do? Simple – just spread a Nutella® smile on your pancake! Totes adorbs.

Ranveer Singh’s Pancake Art has specially been crafted by Dancakes (pioneers in pancake art) and Nutella® as part of this year’s World Nutella® Day celebrations.

Oh and if whipping up a quick recipe isn’t your thing, Nutella® has a tonne of other ideas for you to join the fun.

As the love for World Nutella® Day continues to grow, the brand is connecting with all the fans by Spreading a Nutella® Smile. We love how the brand brought this year’s World Nutella® Day to life, further strengthening consumer loyalty towards their brand and positioning itself amongst the most loved brands globally.