Wendy’s Newest Ad Was Written And Directed By A 5th Grader

Were you writing and directing ads for multi-million dollar fast food chains in elementary school?

Julien Jantos can proudly say he was. 

It was just another day when Julien’s mom tweeted an image of a storyboard hand-drawn by her son. “Free @Wendys ad written by their biggest fan (aka my son),” she wrote.

The social media team at Wendy’s took notice of it, and churned out a video based on Julien’s idea in just six and a half hours. 

Not only did Wendy’s agency bring the young artist’s storyboard to life, but they were also mindful of keeping it authentic by including all of his typos such as ‘keckup’ and ‘musterd’ in the ad. 

The young talent’s sketches had everything pinned down perfectly – right from the colourful art, to crisp, to-the-point copy. It even included a call to action – “Try it”.

Jantos senior later posted an image of Julien with his masterpiece, thanking Wendy’s for making his vision a reality.

The wholesome content we didn’t ask for but desperately needed!