We Loved The Refreshing Take On Love In This Hatke Valentine’s Day Campaign

Love is a universal emotion and is shared between various relations – it could be between a parent and a child, brother and a sister, husband and a wife, and even between friends. SKINN by Titan is exploring exactly this through their digital content film ‘it’s a date‘, which is a refreshing take on what love means. It goes to show how love and Valentine’s Day both need not be limited or restricted to couples, but can also be for people who are important to you and are close to your heart.

It’s a beautifully told story, which brings to the fore quite a few important aspects, as you will realize while watching the video. Check it out!

What we love most about this ad is how it effortlessly normalizes a lot of things which are usually not conventional. From two friends of the opposite sex sharing a flat together, to the celebration of same sex relationships, this ad film really does strike a chord with the viewers in terms of the nuances it explores.

Created in partnership by Ogilvy and The Timeliners, it’s a really ‘hatke’ approach to Valentine’s Day. It’s refreshing to see a brand take such an honest approach in their story-telling, and depicting a relation which we can all resonate with. SKINN by Titan portrayed itself as an enabler of love and friendship and very crisply communicated the same via their ad film.

Perfumes are one of the most evocative gifts and have an unparalleled emotional appeal as they evoke the memory of the one who bought them that perfume with each usage. Keeping this in mind, the brand has launched a range of perfume gift packs, ideal for intimate occasions like Valentine’s Day.  When you can’t find the words to express your emotions, SKINN by Titan reminds you that it’s #BestSaidWithSkinn.