Watch Out Amazon! Google Partners With Shopify To Become A Shopping Powerhouse

In order to compete with Amazon in the e-commerce space, Google has partnered with Shopify – the platform used to create, design, and manage e-commerce websites.

The partnership will give Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants increased visibility across Google’s platforms including Google Search, Images, Lens, Maps, and YouTube.

About 1 billion ‘shopping journeys’ take place via Google’s platforms every day, the integration will allow Shopify’s sellers to be a part of it. This will especially be beneficial for mom-and-pop stores who struggle to compete with bigger retailers on sites like Amazon.

The company unveiled its ‘Shopping Graph’, which will pull information from across websites, price reviews, videos and product data directly from brands and retailers, to help better inform online shoppers.

Google Chrome will now also persistently display shopping carts every time a new tab is opened, so users can get back to shopping after completing their tasks seamlessly.

This is a pivotal moment, as it makes Google a direct competitor to Amazon.